2017 Business Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2017
UAACSCE Business meeting

Joe Roblee called the meeting to order at 8:53 am.

Frank Liu presented an update on the current department status.

Joe Roblee led the discussion and election of the Board of Directors – the slate of nominees for the Board are Joe Roblee, Rex Eads, Tracy Black, Jill Jennings, Lynn Moore, Karl Schubert, Bob Crisp, Lang Zimmerman, Mike Elmore and Daniel Moran

Rex Eads moved to accept the nominations, Joe Roblee seconded – approved by members present

The general membership was dismissed to tour the JBHT facilities. The Board of Directors met to elect officers and appoint committee chairs.

Slate of Officers:

President – Joe Roblee

President-elect – Tracy Black

Secretary – Karl Schubert

Treasurer – Rex Eads

The slate of officers was voted in by the general members’ present

Committee Chairs –

Membership – Lynn Moore

Scholarships – Karl Schubert

Liaison to Students – Jill Jennings

Publicity – Al Ruth

Motion was made and seconded to adopt the bylaws –

Discussion on the requirement that an inductee had to be present at the induction banquet, a change to the bylaws was suggested – 2 a) 5 – Each elected Member shall be present for his/her induction at the next induction ceremony held after the member’s election. If an elected Member has not been inducted by the second annual meeting after election, the election becomes void.

The last sentence was modified to read If an elected Member has not been inducted by the second annual meeting after election, the election may be voided by the Board of Directors.

The bylaws were amended and adopted by the Board of Directors.

There were several inductees who had plans change at the last minute. They will be inducted at the next meeting in April 2018.  In the interim, these inductees will be notified that they are active members of UAACSCE through the next induction meeting.

The general meeting reconvened at 10:20 am

There was a motion to accept the bylaws as amended and approved by the Executive Board. Discussion on the timeframe for announcing meetings, etc. Any additional changes/amendments will need to be developed and sent to the membership for approval.

Committee volunteers:

Membership (Chair – Lynn Moore) – Will Arensman, Steven Karp, Scott Curnel, Kevin Prince

Scholarship (Chair – Karl Schubert) – Brad Garrard, Matt Hoggart

Liaison (Chair – Jill Jennings) – Damon Hill, Jeremy Stobaugh, Mark Gould, Steven Karp

Publicity (Chair – Al Ruth) – Mark Rackley, Rebecca Wilson, James Kane

New Business – Al Ruth nominated Dr. Ron Skeith as an honorary member, seconded and passed


  1. Where should membership dues be sent
    1. Action taken by Rex Eads
  2. Mailing lists for group

Action taken by Karl Schubert